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Regarding the incident at the match AS Roma v PFC CSKA

PFC CSKA management, players and coaches are deeply disappointed with the shameful incident that took place on the supporters’ stand during the UEFA Champions League game AS Roma v PFC CSKA.

We are aware of the fact that before the game several fans of PFC CSKA were attacked outside the territory of the stadium and some of them were stabbed (the club is currently cooperating with the Rome police to investigate the crime and find the guilty).We understand that the fans were disappointed with the course of the game. Also we can presume that the close proximity with the tribune of AS Roma fans could somehow provoke unreasonable actions of the visiting team supporters.

But, despite of all the above, we consider the actions performed by a part of the fans absolutely unacceptable. It is well-known that mere use of pyrotechnics is punishable by serious sanctions. But throwing fireworks into AS Roma fans sector and fighting with stewards go beyond comprehension.

It is extremely disappointing that year in and year out, for the supporters first of all, the squad is fighting for the right to take part in the Europe’s best club competition. But eventually, behavior of a part of fans nullifies all the efforts and labor of the players and coaches, making them practically meaningless. Indeed, we are all now experiencing the bitterness of the defeat. But losing a game on the football pitch is one thing, another one is to discredit ourselves once again in the eyes of the football community due to disorder on the tribune.

We have already been informed that serious sanctions will be applied in relation to the club. And it is not a question of hundred-thousand fines which are, though, also very painful for the club’s budget. The squad can be deprived of support both at home and away games of the UEFA Champions League. Due to inappropriate actions of some people the club, the team and our numerous supporters practically stand upon the brink of the precipice. In order not to finally fall into it, all of us have to take firm measures to establish order on the stands. We will lose this struggle without your help and participation.