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PFC CSKA official statement

Official statement of the Red-Blues’ on the accident in the Rome underground.
— Yesterday before the game against AS Roma an accident happened at one of the underground stations as an escalator collapsed. Dozens of PFC CSKA fans were injured, with some of them were taken to hospital in serious condition. Our aim now is to help everyone who was involved in the accident. We provide visa and financial support, replace unused airline tickets, etc. Our staff has been in continuous contact with the ones who suffered in the accident.

We’d like to mention that the representatives of Russian Embassy in Rome and Russian Football Union immediately reacted and are also doing everything possible to help injured people. Medical and police services of Rome, despite the controversial rumors, didn’t leave our citizens without support and tried their best to help them.

Regarding the various official comments about the reasons of the accident (including the statement about pseudofans jumping on the escalator) we think that it’s not the right moment for the premature conclusions. Our faithful fans and citizens were hurt, and now the top priority are their health and homecoming. It’s up to Rome police authorities to investigate the reasons why escalator in the underground of one of the global capitals where hundred thousand people travel every day collapsed and thus threatened the people’s lives.