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Pontus Wernbloom: All winless streaks come to an end someday

Swedish midfielder of PFC CSKA Pontus Wernbloom shares with his thoughts about the upcoming match against Rubin.
 Pontus, team will have a tough away game...
 Yes, it would be a very difficult match. I was in Kazan twice, and on both occasions we lost. Rubin are serious and strong opponents. But we are confident and greatly motivated right now.

 PFC CSKA couldn't win in Kazan for three years so far, since May 2010. Are you going to break this series?
 It wouldn't be easy, but we are capable of doing so. All winless series come to an end someday. I hope that we'll brake the deadlock on Sunday. We are aiming to defend our title, and a win against Rubin in the beginning of the season will be a serious claim. I hope that we'll return to Moscow with three points in the bag.

 Next match will be number 50 for you for PFC CSKA. Are you willing to celebrate it in a special way, maybe, scoring a goal?
 Firstly, it's the halfway point to the 100th match! It's always a pleasure to score goals, but I'm not a goalscorer. I try my best for the sake of the team. It's nice, if I score, but that's not my aim.