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Alibek Aliev: I will try my best!

On January 26 Red-Blues started their second training camp in Spain. PFC CSKA changed their location and moved from Campoamor to San Pedro del Pinatar.

After the warm-up team had a few exercises in the squares, and then played a mini-match using half of the pitch. The remaining part of the session was devoted to running exercises.

Milanov and Shchennikov trained without any restrictions. Shchennikov recovered from a cold, while Milanov fully recovered from a small damage which he received during our first camp. Therefore, the only player not involved in the main group is Dmitry Efremov — his thigh muscle injury will require a little more time to recover.

Before the evening session head coach Leonid Slutskiy introduced newcomer Alibek Aliev to the team. Swedish striker answered a few questions.

— My family moved from Russia to Sweden when I was five. Together with my mother, father and sister we settled in small town Vänersborg. I started to play football there. In Sweden two my little brothers were born, and they try to become footballers as well.

Have you been to Russia since then?
— Yes, we visited our home town Makhachkala. We have many relatives there.

Do you speak Russian within your family at home?
— Yes, our parents insist that their children must know Russian. Though I have been living separately for some years now and started to forget language a bit. My sister and brothers, instead, talk in Russian better and better.

Why did you live separately from your family?
— When I was 14, scouts from Elfsborg noticed me. They invited me for trial, which went smoothly, and I moved to the club's boarding school.

Is PFC CSKA well-known club in Sweden?
— Surely! PFC CSKA has good reputation there. It's known as big Russian club. My friends congratulated me with the transfer to Moscow, while newspaper noted that this is a big step for my career. Also Pontus Wernbloom plays for this club, thus PFC CSKA draws big attention in Sweden.

Did you meet Pontus already?
— Yeah, we met briefly in the hall in the morning. We talked a little bit. He is a very friendly guy.

Didn't he hinted that you came from the team, which is the principle opponent to his native Göteborg?
— (Laughs.) No, but I think that all the jokes on this topic are waiting us ahead. Frankly, I'm very happy that there are Pontus and Roman Eremenko, who can speak Swedish. It will make my life easier. Everything goes well at the moment. I will try my best!