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Georgy Shchennikov: It's a pity that we didn't win my milestone match

PFC CSKA defender Georgy Shchennikov, who in Wolfsburg played his 200th match in the Red-Blue shirt, talked to CSKA TV on the way home.

— It's a shame that we lost. We didn't play our game. We could have achieved better result, but lacked something today.

— Did Leonid Slutskiy called the attention of the players to Wolfsburg's tactic details?
— Coach told us that Wolfsburg would attack through the wings. We should have tackled the ball, control it and organize quick attacks. That didn't work well tonight.

— How much did Draxler's goal affect the team?
— I think that we defended well. Obviously, every conceded goal affects the team in some way. We tried to equalize in the second half but didn't succeed. Head coach will point out our mistakes and tell us how to play next time.

— This was your 200th match for PFC CSKA. Is it a big achievement for you?
— Of course, I'm happy. It's a pity that we didn't on this day. I hope to play many more games for PFC CSKA and be useful for the team.