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Aleksandr Ermakovich joins Red Blues coaching staff

Belarusian football manager Aleksandr Ermakovich has joined PFC CSKA as Viktor Hancharenka’s assistant.
Until the end of 2017 Ermakovich managed BATE. Previously he was Hancharenka’s assistant at the club from Borisov and took charge after Viktor left the team in 2013.

With this club, he won Belarusian league for the fourth consecutive years, twice qualified for the UEFA Champions League group stage and once for UEFA Europa League group stage.

— I was delighted to accept Viktor’s offer to join PFC CSKA. The time has come to change something in my life. I come to Moscow with great pleasure, I’ve already enjoyed the atmosphere of the Russian top club and I’ll do my best for the team. There will be no discomfort from the fact that I’ll become an assistant after being the head coach for four years. I worked with Viktor and know him very well as a person and aware of his methods. We spoke already about my responsibilities but we’ll also have an expanded discussion in the coming days. The team has a busy schedule in the spring but I’m used to it as BATE played in the Eurocups each season.