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Viktor Hancharenko: Arrival of these teams to Moscow will attract fans

PFC CSKA head coach talks about the results of the UCL draw.
— Real Madrid does not need introduction, as they have won the title for three years in a row. Also, their players have won the awards in all nominations during today’s ceremony. It is a pity that Ronaldo has left, it would have been more interesting to fans.

As for Roma, the fans remember the painful defeat that the team suffered a few years ago in Rome. In addition, everyone saw their matches against Barcelona last season. But time does not stand still. Some changes happening in their team, some at us, but this time we should look better.

I faced Viktoria with BATE and PFC CSKA also played against them in the Champions League. The games won’t be easy.

The experience of participation in the Champions League shows that there is always a chance to fight for qualification in playoffs. We are not going to look at the fourth place. Much will depend on that with whom we will meet in the sixth round, how motivated will be the opponent, but we will definitely fight for getting into the playoffs or in the Europa League.

The arrival of these teams to Moscow will arise interest. And the most important fact is that we have quickly built our team together and we will be in a good shape for the first matches of the Champions League. Our young football players will get enormous experience which will help them to develop further.